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Moving into your new home? Or perhaps it is time to upgrade your space? We know you’ll be looking for furniture, household items, perhaps even interior design and home services. But! You start thinking about the driving, the research, comparing prices etc. at various shops … You begin to feel tired even before you start!

That’s what Penfurnex is here for! An annual event organized by Penang Furniture & Timber Industry Association (PFTIA), it aims to bring you a variety of products and services for your home improvement, which are value for money! An all-in-one home expo that saves you time and money! To make thing even better, we now bring you- ePenfurnex Online Marketplace! Basically, like the annual event, we gather the best from the industry, in one convenient and secure e-commerce platform! The great thing is, you get to shop, anywhere with internet, 24/ 7, 365 days a year!

No more travelling to different locations or be limited by business hours! Take away all the stress and hassle! Just order from the ePenfurnex comprehensive collection; and enjoy exclusive promotions! For your bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathrooms… every part of your home! Maybe even your office! All that you want can be found right here! Order online! Pay Online! And have your items delivered right to your doorstep!

Sign up for a free account now! Stay tuned for more updates, promotions, events and surprises! Happy Shopping! Happy Home Improvement! Happy Upgrading! From all of us at ePenfurnex!



PFTIA, or Penang Furniture & Timber Industry Association was established on 1975. A non- profit organization, its core objective is to unite furniture entrepreneurs in the state. PFTIA continues to:

  • I. encourage, promote and protect the common interest of manufacturers and traders who are involved in the furniture, wood based and related industries in the state of Penang.
  • II. promote and facilitate interaction of the industry and its members with Government Departments as well as other commercial bodies, thereby strengthening relations with each other.
  • III. foster the spirit of mutual assistance among members, resolve differences, and act as arbitrators between members themselves, other bodies or individuals when required.
  • IV. subscribe to, affiliate with, become a member of, or co-operate with public bodies, institutions, and associations, whenever such participation is considered essential or conducive for the objectives of our association.
  • V. render assistance in developing wood- based educational activities or setting up related schools/ technical colleges; and to organize relevant exhibitions, dialogue sessions as well as trade missions.

About Penfurnex


The 1st Penfurnex Home Expo was held in 2004. Organized by PFTIA, it has since become an annual event, which serves as a platform for furniture entrepreneurs in the northern region to showcase their latest, innovative ideas. It has also grown to include brands and businesses that seek wider exposure for their home related appliances, accessories, renovation services etc. For consumers, it is the best opportunity to source for a variety of products and services that suit their home, office and most importantlypreference. All of which, of course, at competitive prices. We are now in the digital age, hence, Penfurnex has added another dimension to reach more people, more efficiently, via the ePenfurnex Online Marketplace.

Penfurnex remains focused on its core objectives, that is:

  • I. To promote a variety of locally made furniture products.
  • II. To boost business activities and local economy by encouraging smart consumer spending in Penang.
  • III. To provide furniture manufacturers, distributors and retailers with the opportunity to promote and showcase their products to consumers under one roof.