Penfurnex 2017

Info for 21 st Penfurnex 2017

PENFURNEX an annual event organized by Penang Furniture and Timber Industry Association (PFTIA) act as a platform for furniture entrepreneurs and consumers in the northern region to showcase latest, innovative ideas as well as elegant furniture and furnishing designs to meet the high level of quality demanded by today’s consumers. Since the 1st Penfurnex held in 2004, consumers now has the best opportunity to source for the best furniture and furnishing products at competitive price.

Over the past series of PENFURNEX, we received well comments from consumers for being the best exhibition for them to understand design trends, arrays of product choices and obtain professional design consultation for their renovation and furnishing needs.

The objective of PENFURNEX:

  1. To promote variety of local made furniture product.
  2. Target to boost the business activity by consumer spending in Penang.
  3. To provide furniture manufacturers, distributors and retailers with the opportunity to promote and showcase their products to consumers under one roof.



槟州家居展销会是由槟州家具同业商会所举办的常年家居展,为北马商家与消费者提供平台展示家具与家居产品及获取最新家居概念。自2004 年举办第一届槟州家居展销会,广大的消费群透过有关展览获得以优惠价购买高品质的家具与家居产品的良机。


1) 推广本地制造家具与家居产品

2) 促进商业活动及带动消费

3) 为家具厂商,代理商,零售商提供一站式展示及促销产品的平台。